More students taking advantage of blogging

The harsh reality is that college graduates unintentionally enter a competition for jobs after completing their final semester. A recent study said that approximately 70 applicants apply for each available job.

Some journalism students at St. Bonaventure University are adding something extra to their resume to set themselves apart from other job applicants.  Blogging is an easy way to publish your material and distribute it to your readers. It is also a way to show an employer your skills.

“A blog is a great place to showcase multimedia projects and keep different things in the same place of access,” said Karly Gombert, a junior, who started a blog of her own last year.

Although Gombert doesn’t graduate until December, she has already put the link to her blog on her resume.

“It makes it easier for the employer and shows your versatility on social networking,” she said.

Rebecca Gunning, a junior, started her blog after taking a Digital and Social Media class.

“I always wanted to start one, but never really had time.  This class finally forced me to do it,” she said. “Mine is about the Buffalo Bills and I was just trying to bring a college female perspective to the team since most blogs about the team are done by men.”

Gunning also plans on showing it to employers after graduation.

“I definitely plan on using mine to show future employers because I think it shows a good sample of my writing and a career in sports writing is what I’m interested in doing,” she said. “I also think having a blog is important to employers because the field of journalism is really changing to an online thing and having a blog shows that you are adapting with that change.”

Instead of just handing an employer a plain resume that has to be formatted in a certain way, blogging is way for writers to display their personality.  An author can bring as much color and art into their blog to portray their character, which is just as important for an employer to consider for a work environment.

Elizabeth Grady, a senior at St. Bonaventure, also began her blog last year. In it, she explores new developments in social media.

“It directly has to do with what I want to work in one day and it shows how passionate I am about it,” she said.

Grady also said that a blog is better than a resume because instead of telling someone that you have a certain skill you can show them instead.

“My blog shows that I follow what’s going on in social media,” she said.  “If someone hires me, they can see that I’m well-informed.”

A blog can be used as a professional portfolio, and some extra work during college to update it may be worth it when entering the workforce.


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