Facebook becomes even more mobile-friendly; others should too

As if Facebook isn’t everywhere already, it is now available on the home screen of your cell phone.

On April 12, HTCreleased an android phone called “HTC First” on the AT&T network.  This is the first phone to come fully equipped with Facebook “Home,” the social network’s new Android app that replaces your home screen with Facebook photos and notifications.

Facebook’s Home brings a user’s news feed, messages and notifications to your lock screen where they can respond to people on their friend’s list without opening an application. From there, other apps can be accessed too.

Upon announcing the new app, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg referred to a study that found smartphone users check Facebook nearly 14 times a day and look at their phone around 100 times a day. He said the company developed Home in an effort to give users more value in the quick moments when they glance at their device.

It might not be entirely necessary, but it’s smart.

Facebook execs understand the importance of making their company mobile-friendly. According to Facebook’s fourth-quarter report, around 680 million of the company’s one billion monthly active users access Facebook from mobile devices.

Facebook has found a way to be incredibly successful, despite its large mobile presence.  The company did it by featuring advertisements on any Facebook accessible device.

“Sponsored stories” are now incorporated into its mobile app. Companies can buy “mobile only” ads which come up as sponsored stories on a user’s newsfeed on their cellphone.   If a company is looking to target only mobile users, this is a good way for them to do so.

It’s only a matter of time before advertisements end up on the home screen of your cell phone, too. In fact, Zuckerberg said he’s expecting it.
Facebook has changed with the times and kept their mobile presence. In order to have a chance of being just as successful, any type of company or media should follow behind them and develop an easy to maneuver mobile something for their audience. 

Media professionals especially should be looking at the world through a cell phone, since most of their audience is doing the same.



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