New media and its powerful “tribes”

We all can agree that social media is a place for conversation.  To blogger Seth Godin, it’s a place where people can come together, tell a story, connect a “tribe”, lead a movement and make a change.

Throughout the above TED talk, Godin outlines the importance of these tribes and calls it “a new model of leadership” in which “people on the fringes can find each other, connect and go somewhere.” He compares it to marketers using demographic information to most efficiently target a specific audience,  just as tribe leaders use their own passions t0 do the same.

Conversation over the internet is effortless and instant, regardless of distance.  A tribe can be created while its supporters are in different places all over the world.  This can make a group of people extremely powerful, and Godin is encouraging it.

He says tribe leaders, like those of the past, must share common qualities such as “challenge, culture, curiosity, connection and commitment.” Through the use of these qualities, a tribe leader can effectively change a part of society that they believe could be better for the overall good. Godin repeats that it’s not necessary to create a problem, as he says, “The Beatles didn’t invent teenagers,” but instead, that those experiencing a similar problem just need someone to lead them into making it better.

New media is bringing people together in more ways than one. If it’s this easy to find supporters for a certain cause, what will tribes use its power for next?

 Think about it.


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